A positive Climate for Learning


All SET schools ensure that:


Pupils are warmly welcomed to school and to lessons.


Staff value each other and greet each other positively.


Pupil and visitor entrances are of high quality; they are welcoming and give a positive 'flavour' of the school.


The use of staff and pupils' names is encouraged and modelled by leaders.


Staff model high standards of professional dress and are positive role models.


Pupils are aware of that everyone has the right to teach and learn in a positive environment.


Teaching spaces are well organised, celebratory and conducive to learning. Teaching spaces are reviewed half-termly as part of the Fixed Line Management Agenda to ensure that they are supportive of learning.


Staff celebrate and recognise pupils' achievements. Pupils are rewarded for: achievement, attainment, attendance, improvement, perseverance, contribution to the school and wider community, volunteering, leadership, any activity where an 'above and beyond' approach is demonstrated.


The rewards system used includes: praise postcards, letters, certificates, badges, formal awards, reward visits and experiences as appropriate.


Staff members are recognised both formally and informally for their work and contributions. The frequent use of a personalised 'thank you' is woven through the school culture.


Teachers are aware of individual pupils' aspirations; teaching is tailored accordingly. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning.