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The Shaw Education Trust is a growing, dynamic group of academies who deliver education provision across all phases, all sectors and all communities. We are proud to work in collaboration with numerous academies stretching from Birmingham to Greater Manchester, promoting inclusivity in our provision, policies and procedures in order to secure the best outcomes for our pupils.


We deliver high-quality provision and support to over 6000 pupils and 1400 staff members in order to provide pupils with better life chances and help them achieve their goals.

To ensure this is achieved, senior leaders at each Academy can access the support of a core team and commissioned experts to provide effective staff training to continually develop their good practice. 

Support for staff members does not stop there, as we encourage collaboration within and between establishments, creating a community of professionals with a wide range of valuable experience and specialist knowledge to share among peers.

Academies within our Trust benefit from the ability to act independently, such as forming their own policies and procedures, while being able to utilise the support of the larger Trust network. Through this collaborative approach, we are improving, accelerating and enabling ambitious life goals for all our pupils, as well as enabling staff to reach their full potential.

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There are many aspects which set us apart from other multi-academy trusts, namely that:


  • From mainstream to special schools, primary to further education – we provide for all. Our all-inclusive structure enables us to reach pupils across all phases, all sectors and all communities.
  • Our core team are made up of experienced professionals within the sector, including National Leaders of Education, Ofsted inspectors and former Her Majesty’s Inspectors, who are on hand to provide expert advice and valuable insight.
  • We believe in clear lines of accountability; our comprehensive scheme of delegation enables everyone to play their part in improving what we do. The highly skilled Trust Board provide an appropriate level of challenge and support to the central team and to Academy leaders.
  • We don't prescribe a curriculum; instead we support our academies to offer a curriculum that deepens knowledge, develops skills and fires the curiosity of pupils.
  • Each of our academies offers a range of support that addresses life after school, develops pupils' independence and helps them to prepare for university and the world of work.
  • We always act with integrity and transparency; local accountability is supported through a system of Academy Councils, with representatives of the whole school community in membership.
  • Within two years of joining our Trust, all our academies are providing an effective, innovative and truly awesome education for their pupils.
  • Shaw Education Trust is a multi-academy trust, which leads and manages academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

The Trust’s relevant documentation, including the Funding Agreement, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association can be found here.